Craftsman designed to compliment your home decor

When designing our products, we consider if WE would like to look at one all the time in our own home decor.

Producing our displays using glass and real wood has allowed us to answer ‘YES’ to that question. These quality materials, allow for a product, which is aesthetically pleasing and blends nicely into any home decor.

The Heart decorative display

The Heart decorative display by LEDience.

Real wooden materials

Helping with this is the fact that we offer the display stands in four different wood materials:

Ash, Oak, Sapele and Walnut.

Our display stands are supplied just simply with a coat of wax to preserve the natural colour and texture.

We add no varnish or stains to any product.

Should you wish for a wood not listed above, please feel free to ask, and we shall see what we can arrange with our carpenter.

lucky clover by LEDience

LED illuminated Lucky clover by LEDience

Quality glass

Moving on from the stand, we come to the glass within the product. This is the main part of the whole display and as a consequence has to be the most eye catching area, and we like to feel that our designs achieve that.

Using glass for the visual portion of the display has given us access to true craftsmen in the field of etching / sandblasting etc. This as a result, gives our products a feel of utmost quality.

Sandblasted glass etching

Craftsman sandblasted glass etching.

 Quality guarantee

When you buy a product from LEDience you are purchasing a craftsman produced product made out of REAL materials. LEDience displays are crafted in a workshop rather than pushed out of a mould. So make sure you choose a product combination to compliment your own home décor.

cherub as an ornament

The cherub ambient LED lighting display as an ornament


Customer Reviews

LEDience Ltd
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Paul Parry
Paul Parry
Wonderful custom display, made from glass - not plastic, so just a cut above the rest. Real wooden base too, a quality product that is a brilliant way of getting peoples attention. Very fast and helpful response from Richard at LEDience, can recommend these to anyone!
Raysa Browne
Raysa Browne
Great job LEDience, We love our Happy Bee display, it's getting lots of attention and great feedback!
Glynn Burrows
Glynn Burrows
Buy Local Norfolk asked to have a desk-top display unit and were really pleased with it. Richard took our logo and turned out a superb little light, which always draws people's attention.
Michael Clarke
Michael Clarke
Purchased a custom made unit as thanks to the organisers of an expo I attend each year. They liked it so much they want to start using them as award prizes. I tried it out on my bookshelf before I gave it to them and it looked very vibrant in a dark room. Great service, thanks.