Low level LED lighting from the Norfolk Broads

Although aesthetically pleasing to the eye during the day, complimenting any home décor, LEDience products’ main purpose is to add a little ambient LED lighting to your room during hours of low light and darkness. Whether that be a family room or a child’s bedroom as a decorative night light.

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Fairy Night Light - LED lighting in Norfolk

LED illuminated ‘Fairy’ as a child’s night light.

Choice of Colours

Every display contains an internal light strip housing 7 LEDs. The light strip can be customised with a choice of 8 different colours, which currently are:

Amber, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Violet and White.

LED Lighting strips

LED Lighting strips designed by LEDience

Hand built PCBs

The LED light strips are expertly assembled by hand within our Norfolk workshop. Every surface mount component which populates them is fitted by a steady hand. Assembling the light strips in this manner, ensures every soldered joint is formed correctly and inspected upon completion. Every light strip is tested individually before and after being inserted to the display’s wooden stand.

Hand built PCBs

Hand built SMD technology lighting strips.

USB power source

As LEDs only require small amounts of power, the displays operate from 5v dc and thus allowing the product to be versatile in where it gets its power from. This being the case, we fit every display with a USB cable, due to USB power being rated at a standard 5v dc level. This ensures the display can be powered either from the supplied AC adaptor or better still any device with a USB socket; such as a TV, PC, games console and even a laptop etc.

USB power source.

Versatile power options from a USB source.

Power saving function

Also we fit each display with a Light Dependent Resistor (LDR). This device has a couple of effects on the display, not only does it switch of the LED light strip when a lot of external light is present, it further more helps to save power when the LED light strip is at its least effective.

 LDR Sensor technology

Daylight power saving via LDR Sensor.

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Customer Reviews

LEDience Ltd
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Paul Parry
Paul Parry
Wonderful custom display, made from glass - not plastic, so just a cut above the rest. Real wooden base too, a quality product that is a brilliant way of getting peoples attention. Very fast and helpful response from Richard at LEDience, can recommend these to anyone!
Raysa Browne
Raysa Browne
Great job LEDience, We love our Happy Bee display, it's getting lots of attention and great feedback!
Glynn Burrows
Glynn Burrows
Buy Local Norfolk asked to have a desk-top display unit and were really pleased with it. Richard took our logo and turned out a superb little light, which always draws people's attention.
Michael Clarke
Michael Clarke
Purchased a custom made unit as thanks to the organisers of an expo I attend each year. They liked it so much they want to start using them as award prizes. I tried it out on my bookshelf before I gave it to them and it looked very vibrant in a dark room. Great service, thanks.